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It has become increasingly important for today’s consumers to have accurate information about the companies they purchase products and services from. The internet has the potential to give consumers all of the information that they need to make smart purchases that will save them money while simultaneously supporting ethical business practices. Business owners, however, know that some reviews distort reality. In this case, business owners may want to remove negative articles that are inaccurate.

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Unfortunately, it’s not so easy to remove negative articles. One of the reasons that the internet works so well is that users have the ability to publish their thoughts and opinions without censorship. Web sites that offer consumer forums know that free speech is an important factor of their work, so they usually refuse to remove negative articles at the request of companies and other organizations.

That seems fair. After all, consumers have a right to hear reviews from everyone, right? That’s the only way for individuals to make the best options in today’s competitive marketplace.

Actually, it isn’t that simple. In the real world, we’re given the opportunity to judge the validity of negative reviews by judging the person offering the information. If someone looks completely insane, then you can probably skip their testimony in favor of someone who looks a bit more reasonable.

Such judgments aren’t so easy in the online world. A complete lunatic can post articles just as easily as a reasonable consumer with a realistic complaint. Unfortunately, internet users don’t have the visual cues needed to determine whether the information comes from a reliable source.

You need to protect your company’s online reputation, but few consumer forums will retract articles. Even worse, posting a counterargument can make your company look petty. Your post will even encourage search engines such as Google and Bing rank the offending article higher on their lists.

That doesn’t mean that you have run out of options, though. Done SEO is a pioneer in online reputation management and we are using several techniques that are designed to push negative listings off the top pages on Google, Yahoo and Bing and protect your brand name.

We do this by creating positive listings and promote them on search engines. With our years of experience we know how to build web sites and other online listings that will rank better than the sites where the negative articles are posted. Within a few months, the negative article will start to become more and more obscure as they moves down the list of results. Meanwhile, the positive sites and articles remain at the top of the search results, giving your company a clean online reputation as well as a virtual wall of protection on search engines.

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